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Hme Deer Drag Pro Series - W/metal Handle

Hme Deer Drag Pro Series - W/metal Handle

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Hme deer drag pro series w/metal handle

-16" all-metal handle
-Easy-to-hold foam grip
-PVC-coated metal U-bracketfor attaching thedrag strap
-5' long drag strap with a 6" (choker style) loop at each end
-Drag strap is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing (ratchet strap webbing)
-Allows the hunter to easily attach the drag strap to their ATV
-Compact enough to fit in a backpack to ATV storage compartment

Other Features: Heavy duty nylon webbing strap is 5' long with a 6" choker style loop at each end,pvc coated u-bracket attaches strap to handle 16" all metal handle w/easy hold foam grip,allows for one or two person dragging,also easily attaches to an atv
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