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Rws Shooter's Starter Kit -

Rws Shooter's Starter Kit -

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Rws shooter's starter kit

Kit Includes:
-3-Piece Cleaning Rod
-.177 Jag
-.177 Brush
-1/2 oz. RWS Chamber Lube
-1 oz. RWS Spring Cylinder Oil
-Ten (10) 4x4 Targets
-Container of .177 caliber Cleaning Pellets
-Tins of 250 Superdome & 250 Meisterkugeln Pellets (.177)

Other Features: Includes: 1-3pc cleaning rod;1-chamber lube;1-spring cylinder oil;1-.177 jag;1-.177 swab;1-tin ea 250 meistkugeln & superdome;...177 pellet;25 ea-.177 cleanin pellets; 10 ea-4x4 targets
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